Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use matchups to establish rankings?

    If you were to name the top ten quarterbacks of all time, you would probably stumble. Yet, if asked "Tom Brady or Joe Montana?", "Brett Favre or Peyton Manning?", the answers come to you much more easily. Making you decide a series of matchups is the best, least biased way to understand the hierarchy at work in your brain.

  • I can see the ranking made by all users. Where can I see mine?

    In order to view your own ranking, you first need to vote in all the possible matchups. The number of matchups increases exponentially with the number of candidates. For instance, a ranking with 5 candidates allows 10 different matchups, while a ranking with 12 candidates allows 66 matchups. Once youโ€™ve voted in all possible combinations, your ranking will appear next to the overall ranking.

  • How are scores computed?

    At stake for each matchup is a set number of points that depends on how close the candidates are from the top and how close they are from each other. The winner of the matchup walks away with the points, while the loser sheds the same number of points. Overall scores are expressed on a normative scale, from 100 for the leader to 0 for the last candidate, which allows comparisons between rankings.

  • What's the point of reporting that I don't know a candidate?

    We will no longer show you matchups featuring this candidate. To reinstate the candidate, just click on it in the overall ranking and switch the toggle to "Appears in matchup".

  • Why should I create a profile?

    Creating a profile is entirely free. It will allow us to save all your votes, so that you know in which rankings you've already voted. Members can also post takes (i.e. justify why they voted for a candidate) and participate in debates.

  • Will you be adding more categories?

    Definitely. This is only the beginning. We plan on adding more categories, to accommodate several thousands of rankings.

  • Can I suggest candidates?

    Not yet but this functionality will be available very soon.

  • Can I suggest a ranking?

    Absolutely. Please send your ideas to

  • I found a bug on the site. Who should I notify?

    Please send your feedback to